Trending Week….

Yes – success – again – thanks to FDC’s rapid response team, no good whinging and whining on anti-social media – do things yourself and report – as was the case this week with a ‘Fly-Tipped’ double set of settee’s on New Road, I reported it one day and it was gone the next – not rocket science….







Next we have the ‘idiot’ of a driver who not only parked near a junction on Headlands Way, (They) parked within the junction itself….Well I have news for you – you have been reported to the local constabulary and you may get a visit if you live locally.
Causing an obstruction and parked illegally.
Neighbours did report to the Police on 101 –

I don’t normally get overly involved in national politics here on this forum, however I read that our MP Steve Barclay has been in the news….I read on several different papers and commentators, his remarks about ‘Fast Tracking – Doctors to become fully qualified’
I well appreciate that Mr Barclays may have been quoted out of context – however the commentators from the Medical Professionals were not very happy about his comments, and ‘they’ are qualified to make their responses – maybe Mr Barclay should remember a lesson from his ‘old boss’ whose favourite phase for everything was ‘Lessons must be learnt’ (aka David Cameron).

I was somewhat surprised to see someone using the public telephone on the Market Place yesterday morning. and although a few weeks old – just to remind that the Manor Field Gates are locked at night.

Finally it’s Beer Fest at The Nags Head in Eastrea – I remember as a young man in Eastrea, all you could get at the Nag was a warm Manns Brown Ale and a packet of Cheese & Onion.
Old Bob was the landlord – Times are a changing some may say!







Manns brown ale — 1959

Have a nice week-end…

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