Trends Last Week

The main contacts have been about ‘Planning’ in/around Whittlesey – last week saw the ‘Old Nursery’ site on Eastrea Road being granted planning permission.
This site has been earmarked for many years and has had previous outline permissions in the past, the developer never went through with the build, this maybe called ‘Land Banking’ which many builders and developers do – waiting for prices to rise.
Lets hope – this latest planning permission comes to actually building houses.
That said here is another 100+ development, more people, more children, more traffic and from what I can see – little consideration to the ‘magic word’ ‘Infrastructure’ – another development at the ‘Old Nursery’ site on Peterborough Road, is equally as concerning – note I am NOT saying controversial – which it is not – concern is the term I am using.
As I have posted before Whittlesey has well over 1,200 houses already earmarked for future development – and more could possibly come on top of that.
There is of course – The Whittlesey Neighbourhood Plan’ which is moving steadily forwards. Those who went to the consultation meetings are perhaps aware of what the aims are – more ‘say’ for how and where building takes place is one of the main objectives.
If you have ‘concerns’ why not raise them with your elected councillor, why not attend a planning meeting, why not take part in the Neighbourhood Plan – these are all avenues for the public to have their say….Your Call…..

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