At Last – Even MP Barclay is onboard – Grass Cutting

The issues with ‘Fenland District Councils’ contractors is nothing new, almost (except last year) every year since it has been contracted out – there has been issues and complaints.
One dimwit councillor blames it on the grass growing fast because of the weather – Hello Mr councillor – rain and sun makes everything grow – or didn’t you know.
All that most residents want is a reasonable job done – surely that’s not asking too much for our fairly high rates we pay.
The excuse that equipment has been stolen (7 times so far this year) and a similar number of times last year does not make an excuse it makes one wonder ‘who’ knows where the equipment is stored and that’s not much of a secret
‘If’ the guys doing the job – just spent 1 or 2 minutes longer (not asking 5 or 10 minutes) the whole job would look tidier, cleaner and smarter to everyone’s satisfaction.
We used to have a saying That if a jobs worth doing – then do it right.
Again I have to ask, since FDC didn’t come clean on this issue very quickly when the local press got hold of the issues – that time our councillors asked some serious questions of the managers and directors in charge of Parks and Open Spaces.
Read MP Barclays story Click Here – Cambs Times

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