Todays – Updates….

Boarded up front door of AA Computers who suffered a break-in over the week-end.

Anyone with information should call the Police on 101


Today saw boarding going up around the ‘Brick Layers Arms’ ready for re-development.
40+ Flats and Parking Spaces.
The majority of the bricks are being kept for re-cycling as are the roof tiles.


Development by Multi-Agency Group of a Care Home and Retirement Complex at the LarkFleet development on Eastrea Road saw the initial start today.

Car Park closing times at the Manor Field –
Manor Centre.

Note the closing times at the Week-ends.

Gates Closed 5:30 pm

Air Ambulance circling over Whittlesey for 30+ minutes before landing in the wheat field on Ramsey Road – No the Helicopter did not make the marks in the field

Major police attendance to an incident near Bank Close.


At the Whittlesea Society meeting this evening (Well attended)
Donna Martin gave a very interesting account of the Soham Rail Disaster of 1944

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