Some Success – Some Not

This afternoon I read on The Cambs Times™ leading story..
Fenland Council pledges action following complaints of poorly maintained Parks and Open Spaces.
You may have read my article(s) about this subject a few weeks ago. It would appear the message has got through the great corridors of Fenland Hall.
To be fair (As I am) – There has been some input from our Councillors and CCC David Connor. But it is also people like myself who ‘lobby’ and write to the corridors of power – that maybe – just maybe something gets done.
It’s no good winging and whining on anti-social media – people in authority get turned off by this persistent moan.
However the success of FDC & it’s contractor is only part of the story – has our grass cutting and clear up improved – not yet as I see it….maybe after a few more cuts when-ever that happens.
Read the whole story Click Here – Cambs Times

This afternoon saw 10 of ‘us’ involved in various ‘volunteering’ roles going along to our Library/Hub for a coffee/tea & cake…for a brief discussion on ‘Volunteering’.
We know it is more or less the same group of people involved throughout our area who give up their time freely for various groups and organisations.
Nice to see March Councillor Mrs Jan French join us in Whittlesey – thank you.
The library and ‘The Friends’ are hoping to put some more events on during the autumn, with funding and support from The ‘Arts Council’ – see my previous recent posts.

Now for the bad news….Last Saturday afternoon saw a serious altercation between an elderly gentleman and a motorist driving on High Causeway, the gentleman pointed out to the foul mouthed motorist that the ‘Road’ was a pedestrian area and no motorised vehicles should be there. The incident almost became physically and left the OAP in some distress.
I have reported the incident to our Police, but without more information there is not a lot that can be done.
No one either ‘wants’ or is ‘prepared’ to take ownership of ‘Policing’ this piece of road, we have raised this issue time and time again, over many years.
I am sorry to say that until ‘another’ (serious) accident occurs, I doubt very much anything will be done. That said – as above – If enough people make their views known to either your Council, Councillors and the Police – maybe something will be done….eventually.

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