More Fly-Tipping in Whittlesey

We all suffer believe it – when fly-tipping occurs, there is a cost to the environment, there is a cost to the rate/tax payer to clear it up, there is a cost to the land-owner if it is on their property.
My thanks to KC who reports these incidents to Fenland District Council – who have a ‘Rapid response Team’ – and are generally pretty quick at getting this blight removed.
Of course it is catching the culprits who are carry this fly-tipping out – not easy.
Peterborough generally much larger than us…suffers more so than we do.

Top photo taken yesterday (Friday) in what is now become ‘Fly-Tippers’ regular dump – Funthams Lane along the Cycle Route.

Centre photo Here we have a ‘caravan’ abandoned on Stonald Road/Field of Dreams – no registration plates, reported one day – had gone by the following day.

Bottom photo taken just North of Ball Bridge.

This is large scale tipping, and as we have witnessed in Fengate , if not removed, will grow into a pretty big mountain. In fact the Fly-tippers were that brazen in the Fengate area, they were dumping in broad daylight.

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Photo’s KC

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