Fake News – A Sad Person Indeed

Whilst out on my own Litter-Picking campaign yesterday I came across a very nice person who talked with me and thanked me and others for helping to keep our town clean and tidy. She did say that during a conversation with someone recently that my name had been mentioned in the respect that – I went out with the same bag of rubbish to make it look good.
I am so sorry for this sad individual who has nothing better than to try and discredit me.
I can categorically say I have never done this – I do not take ‘rubbish’ out of my bin and put it in the bag…which this Sad person may also think…?

I love collecting other Sad person(s) rubbish and litter and am known to quote that I find it very ‘Therapeutic’ – maybe Sad person(s) would like to join me -more than welcome.

In the meantime please stop spreading ‘Fake News’
Find something better to do with your time.

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