Policing in Cambridgeshire

We have all heard….. Never see the Police around for some considerable time.
We have all read …… Reasons from The Chief Constable, Police & Crime Commissioner and Local Policing Teams the way that ‘Policing and Crime is changing in this modern day.
I attend dozens of meetings a year with various parts of the criminal justice system and fully understand ‘some’ of the issues’ our Police force are encountering.
I’ll not bore you with statistics – there are a lot – the most impacting (That is also true of Health Care funding in Cambs) being we are the 3rd lowest funded area in England from Central Government. I think it is the duty of ALL our MP’s representing our County to press for a fairer share.
I am told that if we were to receive more money another County would get less.

Tomorrow (Saturday) Myself and Robin Sutton (NHW Secretary) will attend Peterborough NHW AGM at Cardea. We hope to meet up with our senior officers covering Fenland.
Peterborough of course has plenty of its own problems – but that should not stop us from trying to get our points over.

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