Bedlam & Altercations @ Kings Dyke Crossing – Update






Correction to my original article (I was away at the time)
There was notification on the WTC Website – which advertised the closure at 22:30

Residents going to or returning from Peterborough last night at 10pm was greeted by the road being blocked off and closed – drivers told the man doing the closure that it had been advertised for 10:30 to which his answer was ‘I couldn’t give a toss I’m closing the road’
By now there was 20+ vehicles from the Peterborough side all somewhat upset and angry at the attitude of the man carrying out the job.
When drivers said they would remove the barriers – he threatened them with photographs and police action, by this time – drivers from the Whittlesey side had already removed the barriers from that side –
Jobsworth man shouting to people they would have to do the detour – by now too late.
Some phone calls later, he blamed Anglian Water for the misunderstanding.

I have seen the notices – advertising this closure.

Well on this occasion people power won the day – unfortunately my correspondent(s) did not take any photographs of the incident – or Mr Jobsworth.
Maybe our Town Councillors should investigate this incident there are Health & Safety issues on both sides of the argument and if as reported ask Anglian Water for a full apology… (Blaming the contractor of course).

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