Hospital Parking Charges

When I attend Governors meetings at Peterborough City Hospital and previously at the Edith Cavell Campus, I make the same rendition especially when there are ‘new’ Governors.
It is bad enough for the public to pay extortionate prices to park at the hospital.
When sited at Thorpe Road/Peterborough District Hospital introduced parking charges, this was because ‘shoppers and commuters’ parked there.
My main gripe is that they charge their Nurses and Staff a disproportional amount to park and work. My wife was a senior nurse/ward manager at PDH & EC and paid over £60 a month out of her net salary, the figure now is somewhat higher.
Accounts 2016/17 state that Staff paid £650,000 into the coffers of PCH.
At previous meetings the governors stated that staff parking charges were to offset security and parking maintenance.

My argument has been :-

When Police Officers park their cars at a Police Station – Do they pay parking charges – NO
When Fireman park their cars at a Fire Station – Do they pay parking charges – NO
When Ambulance personnel park their cars at the Ambulance Station – Do they pay – NO
Do teachers pay to park their cars at schools – NO
I quote several other professions who do NOT pay to park theirs cars at their workplace.

So why do nurses have to pay an extortionate amount to pay at hospitals – out of their net salaries.
In recent years when delivering my ‘rendition’ – I am always thanked for my presentation and that the governors are very sympathetic to my presentation – but unfortunately nothing can be done –
Well at least I get it out of my system every now and then….

During the accounting period 2016/17
The public paid £1,350,000 – Staff/Nurses paid £650,000 that makes £2 million.
Does this money go to pay for more staff ?

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