Another exciting Week ….

Never a dull moment here as my wife will tell you…
Yes it is ‘true’ – I never publish ‘fiction’ there was a ‘Snake’ on the loose in High Street Whittlesey, fortunately someone rescued it before it slithered away down a drain or into the old Barclays Bank Building.
An excellent week with meeting people, councillors and on-going policing issues – at least getting ‘facts’ from those who know them but unfortunately not always getting the answers ‘we’ would like to hear….
This coming week, I will be attending a governors meeting at Peterborough City Hospital,
an informal meeting with another political group (who I wonder!!!) and hopefully attend the planning meeting at WTC on Wednesday evening.
Looking at the weather forecast… hoping by next Saturday all will be spring-like and 17°C

2018 - Lattersey Open Day

Here are a few pictures from the previous event and a very good time had by all.


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