Excellent Meeting with our Neighbour!

I have met Ray Bisby at previous meetings but not had the opportunity to talk with him at any length.
We arranged a meet up today at Morrisons Café and had a long and open dialogue covering a vast array of subjects and topics. I can not produce the whole 2½ hour meeting but can highlight some of the common issues and concerns we both have.

Naturally the Kings Dyke Bridge is the big topic at present – Ray and two other Councillors represent Cardea, Stanground and some adjoining areas.
The building of the Bridge has effects on their area as well and especially the extremely bad and poor planned twin round abouts at Park Farm and Cardea – leading to Traffic issues at the A605 Pondersbridge turning.
As I previously posted – Peterborough City Council (PCC) along with the Combined Office of the Mayor for Cambridgeshire have agreed to fund a ‘Traffic enhancement’ at the Pondersbridge entrance/exit/A605.
Today Ray informed me that this commitment was hard cash of £4.5 million.
Now comes the bad news…. the small bridge has some form of protection order on it…
(He does not know the reasons) – so the bridge apparently can not be interfered with.
The answer maybe to build another small bridge alongside or indeed to change a spur off the Cardea round-about.
Timing is to be decided and hopefully some communication between Cambs CC and PCC is and will be taking place.
We discussed the effects of Cardea not having a dedicated health centre and its ramifications on other health centres.
We discussed the future housing at Cardea (approx. 950/980 houses) – the land opposite the Cardea site is NOT being built of in the foreseeable future.

We spend at length discussing Policing within Cambridgeshire and specifically for us – here in Whittlesey. Although the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner holds the Chief Constable ‘to account’ the office has no remit in day to day running of the Police Force.

As I have previously reported and posted ‘A new’ Policing model for Cambridgeshire takes effect as of tomorrow, which sees us in Whittlesey becoming part of the Northern area ie
There are ‘big’ plans being formed as to placing resources in what will be known as ‘Blue Light Hubs’ and I pushed Ray in whether the word Whittlesey was in this plan.

We covered Health & Education, Vagrants, Drugs, Anti-Social Behaviour, Litter + Fly Tipping and then ‘I’ ran out of time as I had another appointment.

My thanks to Ray Bisby for his valuable time and his engagement with me, I certainly think we can become good neighbours and hopefully continue the discussions and dialogue we have had today.
Ray Bisby is seeking Re-election for the Conservative Party in the Cardea, Stanground, Fletton area’s and I wish him every success in his endeavours.

e&eo ©Roy Gerstner

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