On-Going Trends…

Maybe a very challenging week for some commuters with North Bank & the B1040 open/close/open/close, the start of exploration bore holes for the Kings Dyke crossing having to be postponed until this Monday (16th)
The welcome comprehensive report from the Environment Agency (EA) on ‘some’ of the management of the Whittlesey Washes (previous posting).

The excellent demonstration given by Deborah Slater from Defibrillators for All at The New Queen Street Surgery – 23 attendees the group held a raffle and raised some well deserved funds for DFA.
A comprehensive Whittlesey Town Council report – My thanks to our correspondent who attended for me.
A somewhat limp excuse (again) reported at the Town Council meeting that the ‘Police’ do not have resources to respond to Councillors/Residents and Neighbourhood Watch to illegal parking on Church Street.

Whilst I fully appreciate and understand Policing priorities, I and many others are getting rather fed up with various ‘politicised comments’ and excuses made by our constabulary – we either apply the law or we don’t – The Police shouldn’t decide what is and what is not ‘Lawfull’
They should apply the Law and the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) decide whether to take the matter further. Police today are under a lot of pressures – however our illustrious Police & Crime Commissioner has made promise after promise about improvements in Cambs Policing – irrespective of recent reviews and Home Office reports.
I always quote at meetings and I will be attending one this Monday at Police HQ –  a PCSO is a Police Community Support Officer – that’s all most of us want in our area.
More on this at another time.

Still we had a nice break with not very good weather at a country house once owned by Lord Kitchener and a nice pie and pint at one of my favourite places The Britannia at Dungeness….with my bohemian friends!


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