Happy Memories – Again

Our Class of 67 were on the whole a ‘happy bunch of teenagers’ the 60’s had opened up a great deal of freedom for us – especially music, motorbikes/scooters and girls.
In 1997 I was working for the in the USA – my school friends asked if I could organise a ‘School Reunion’ – I said I was probably not in the best position to do it, however I went to Sir Harry Smiths School and got our school register for the intake of 1963 – from then on we had weekly meetings on whole had been ‘found and contacted’
I went away for my 4 month contract and on return, the group had the Reunion all set up for April 11th 1997 at the Falcon in Whittlesey.

A fantastic night had by all, old friends and new friendships made, including two who became ‘very’ good friends again.
Happy Days – Happy Memories – we have had 2 further Reunions, but the first was always the best one…

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