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Might as well start with a ‘little bit’ of good news – my campaign along with many others and millions of silent supporters on Plastics/Cans Bottles/Polystyrene to have a deposit scheme placed in order to reduce Waste/Litter Landfill/Rubbish – has and is slowing getting through to the Government and other large retail groups.
Several Supermarkets are now making plans to help reduce packaging, plastics and glass, along with supporting better recycling from their own sources.

(l) Chemical make-up = Polystyrene

Tesco Ban Plastic Straws 272,000 signed petition to get Tesco’s to take notice.
It can be done if enough people join the campaign
Due to this campaign, Tesco announced this week that all disposable plastic straws will be removed from their shelves by the end of 2019 and their entire range will be replaced by eco-friendly alternatives.
(l) Clare Jones Campaigner Click Here

Plastic straws will also be phased out from all of their cafes, which will take over 1 million plastic straws out of circulation every year.

It’s taken over a year to come this far and I can’t thank you all enough – your signatures, shares and social media action made every bit of difference. This reduction of plastic waste will give our seabirds and marine life a better chance of survival and our rivers and coastlines will soon be much cleaner thanks to you.

Now I am a practical person I realise that the UK on it’s own is only a start – The vast amount of Rubbish & Plastics from India, China, Vietnam and a host of other countries need to do their part – will they I doubt it.
Most of what has happened recently has come about by people power and a relentless campaign by Sky News/TV who have been highlighting this major concern for a number of years.

The campaign carries on…. on my own if need be and by the many silent…RG

A deposit return scheme for single-use bottles is going to be introduced in England subject to consultation, the Government has confirmed.
Plastic, glass and metal containers would be included in the scheme with a goal of increasing recycling rates and slashing the amount of waste polluting the planet.
A consultation held later this year will examine the details of how such a scheme would work, but it is likely to be in place by the end of this Parliament.



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