One Giant Step for Mankind

I have been campaigning for many years, lobbying, promoting better Recycling of Plastics, Bottles, Cans and Polystyrene – So are we nearly there on ‘some’ of these products.
28 other countries are already ahead of us… and ‘we/the government’ need to have yet again ‘another’ consultation – but I well believe we are nearly there.
Recycling of these items is known to increase when there is a ‘deposit’ scheme -and  a great deal less into landfill and our rivers and oceans.
I have thanked my ‘old’ employer Sky TV who have lead a fantastic public awareness for some years now.
Much all over the press and news, so no need to elaborate further.
‘We’ now need to campaign for Polystyrene packaging and take-away boxes to be included and of course convince countries like China, India and Vietnam to take up better waste management.
A fantastic result – lets see it work….
ps Like in the USA – people a ‘bit’ short of money, make a sort of living collecting other peoples cans/bottles discarded – maybe our local ‘Dog-End- collector’ (TR) will do the same for us – I will certainly help him…!!!!

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