Proposed development at Westhaven Nursery

Kings Dyke Nature Reserve have several concerns of this development.
I and around 1,000 other people are members of the Kings Dyke Nature Reserve.
I copy below a message from the administrators…
Outline planning is already in place and this latest is for reserved matters.

Planning reference F/YR18/0128/RM

Some people have asked for a summary of the key points. These are as follows:

  1. The Design and Access Statement appears to identify the nature reserve as an asset to the housing development by providing open space. The reserve is private and access is by membership only.  The reserve should not in any way be used to sell the development.
  2. The proposed development includes for a small 10m buffer to the northern boundary and nothing on the western boundary. This is totally inadequate (we are suggesting a minimum of 20m on both the northern and western boundaries). How are the buffers to be maintained and funded?
  3. Great crested newts and at least 2 species of reptile occur on the development site. Planning guidance states that the loss of habitat for these groups should be mitigated by the provision of an equivalent area (or a smaller area may be acceptable if the habitat has been significantly enhanced). Neither of these are proposed in the layout or mitigation.  A European Protected Species licence for the great crested newts is required before the development can commence – it is unlikely that Natural England will grant a licence without an appropriate buffer or translocation zone. Fenland have to be confident that a licence will be granted before giving permission.
  4. The majority of the drainage from the development (including roads) will go into soakaways. As many of the newt ponds on the reserve are groundwater fed, these have the potential to become contaminated as groundwater will naturally travel into the void of the reserve. There is no provision for survey, monitoring and if any impacts are noted, any mitigation of the water quality of the ponds.
  5. There is a planning condition to provide a suitable people and cat proof barrier to the reserve. No suitable design for a barrier has yet been submitted and therefore the condition has not been satisfied.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to give me a call.
Phil Parker

RG comment – Housing, Housing Housing – everyone and everywhere needs it – but we have another problem here – access onto the A605 (again) how much more traffic can this road take!
The same argument with housing at Snowley Park/Glenfields – most of the traffic trying to join the A605 via Crossway Hand, try turning right towards Peterborough.
This development will see probably in excess of 70+ cars joining the already ‘congested and polluted’ A605

This item was on the Planning Meeting Whittlesey Town Council 19th February 2018
I was unable to attend this meeting.


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