Who !!! – Would wish to be a councillor!

Political comment coming tomorrow – with 3 or more FDC councillors being ‘deselected’ some 16 months before elections – what motivation to serve the public do these councillors have I wonder.
A leader resigning – well nothing new here his two predecessors also resigned under somewhat ‘toxic arguments’

A councillor accused of expenses irregularities – fighting to save himself – with the editor (powerful man) of the Cambs Times calling for his resignation.

A number of Whittlesey councillors already stating they will not be standing for election.
A Whittlesey councillor record on attending meeting is somewhat a disgrace to the electorate…and in many instances can not be bothered to even send his apologies.

Some good may come out of all this – fresh blood – but I doubt very much – more comment tomorrow…


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