Carrying On and On…Coffee Cups

Carrying on I could write articles daily, but I dare say some would not find it interesting –
I repeat what MP Steve Barclay told me about imposing taxes on waste such as bags, bottles, cans etc – ‘There would be a cost to the government and taxpayer’
You are wrong Mr Barclay – as I have published before – the exchequer made £17m in VAT the first year the 5p plastic bag tax was introduced.

MPs call for 25p ‘latte levy’ on coffee cups: Committee says charge could raise £438m and reduce use of the throwaway mugs by 30%
Throwaway coffee cups should face a 25p ‘latte levy’, MPs said last night.
A cross-party committee called for urgent action to curb the mountain of up to five billion disposable coffee cups dumped each year, almost none of which are recycled.

Experts estimated the levy could raise £438million and lead to a 30 per cent reduction in the number of cups as more people carry their own.
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The Commons environmental audit committee said the industry should be given five years to make the cups easy to recycle or face an outright ban.
Government sources said ministers were ‘open’ to the idea of a coffee cup charge if evidence shows it would change behaviour.

So MP Steve Barclay – £17m for Plastic Bags and a possible £438m from Coffee cups is :
‘A cost to the government’  – I don’t think so and am rather amazed that with the amount of money quoted that the Chancellor has not put it in his budget.

Will it affect me – No – I object to paying £3/£4/£5 for a designer latte from where-ever…
Have I been in a Starbucks/Costa™ – Guilty as charged about 3 times in my life and can not remember the last time – At least I am honest and come clean…

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