Who will be the next ‘Leader’ of Fenland District Council

Your educated guess is as good as mine – one thing is for certain it won’t be any of the Councillors who have been ‘de-selected’ in standing at next years District Elections.
There appears to be (2) favourites in the running – our own Whittlesey County, District and Town Councillor Mr Chris Boden – whether he has time to spare I don’t know as he has many other ‘Hats’ to wear and to take on this very time consuming role I don’t think there are enough hours in the day – something has to give – should he be successful.

Then there is the other front runner Councillor Chris Seaton who has been a Fenland Councillor since 2007 and has a wealth of experience behind him and is a cabinet member.
Then again there could be a outsider who decides to have a go….Cllr Steve Tierney once mentioned has said he will not be a candidate..

Maybe with the ‘recent’ ‘purge’ of FDC Conservative Councillors being ‘de-selected’ and that’s (3 if not 4) maybe the ‘old school’ has had its day and Conservatives are looking for a fresher face to fill this important position.

Maybe ‘if’ ex FDC Cllr Martin Curtis was still there – he would have made a stand – still maybe (I don’t do rumours) Martin Curtis will return as a candidate at next  years District elections – watch this space.

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