Good News – More Good News – Better Good News

Its been on a ‘funny’ week! – with some usual ‘Fake News’ on local social media sites.

Lets start with the ‘Smelly News’ – yes it is there and people have reported it as far away as Northampton? – (Fake) …. I followed this up in quite detail, and found that only last week – Two Whittlesey Councillors and the Chairman of the Business Forum were given a guided tour of the facility – the ‘Smell’ is being investigated.

After my reporting it here this week, today I have also been given an open invitation to visit the site….Well I can not ask for more  – thank you.
As many of us know – Whittlesey thrives on negativity and I am sure it is not unique.

Lets see what else was discussed in ‘my’ meetings this week.
I can tell you ‘FACT‘ – that infrastructure in our schools is well advanced, with plans for New Road and Sir Harry Smith to the amount of £5 Million over the next few years.

The upgrading enhancements of The ‘Monastery‘ on Market Street is advancing very well and will provide much needed accommodation within the town – yes there are parking concerns. (It is being called a Beautique B&B).

The ‘new’ Vets’ on Church Street again in nearing completion and will have state of the art facilities – They have plenty of parking.

The imminent opening of ‘Subway’ providing jobs hopefully for local people.
Parking right outside.

The planning application for a ‘Co-Op convenience store at the old Morley’s petrol station/garage – Plenty of parking – again hoping for up to 15 jobs being created.

These projects  are inward investment into our town, substantial money – it might not please everyone, but I would rather this happen than see empty shops and derelict land within our town.

Excellent contact with Cllr Chris Bowden about signage along the B1040/North Bank -which I’ll post up later – again thank you.

Finally going back to the Knot Hole at Kings Dyke – when completed it is planned to turn the land back to a Nature Reserve….for the local community.

I call this ALL Good news…. Not FAKE NEWS…found elsewhere…

I use these photo’s regularly to ‘remind’ people of what our Town Square looked like only a few years ago….I and many others are ‘proud’ and ‘passionate’ about our town.
Occasionally spoilt by a few Riff/Raff – but that does not deter the rest of us….
Have a pleasant weekend…


©Roy Gerstner

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