Update – On The BIG Smell returns…

I have an update (24th/2100z) It ‘appears’ the ‘Smelly’ is coming from the Recycling Company at the Kings Dyke Knot Hole. This was originally set up the Thory Brothers,
they have sold it to another Whittlesey businessman Mr S Riley under the company name
East Midlands Recycling. The FDC Environmental Officer has been to visit last week I understand. I can only ask – if you still experiencing this ‘Smell’ to keep on reporting it.
FDC’s phone # is 01354 654321

At the March(28th) meeting of the Whittlesey Business Forum – East Midlands Recycling will be giving a talk/presentation.

Residents are reporting and getting annoyed about a ‘smell’ around the Low Cross/Park Lane area. If you have experienced this issue please report it 0800 80 70 60 this is the number for the environment agency.

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