Some Good News….Well Maybe..

Going to Peterborough today – Along B1040 (Open) + North Bank Road (Open) + Pearces Road (Open) to find that the repairs to the road was about 100 metres of resurfacing – I wonder why it took 2 weeks….Still at least it is all clear on this part of the road….There are road works on the B1040 – Whittlesey Road Thorney.
Slightly more positive note…

A trial offering residents free bulky waste collection has proved so popular there are only a few slots left for people to book.
The initiative was launched as part of the wider #LovePeterborough campaign last month, aimed at reducing fly-tipping and encouraging responsible waste disposal.
The scheme runs until 9 March 2018 and out of the initial 1,767 collection spaces available, less than 160 remain on a first come, first served basis.

Once the trial has finished, evidence assessing the impact it has had on the number of fly-tipping incidents will then be reviewed by councillors later in 2018.
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Maybe FDC could introduce a trial similar – It could workout cheaper to collect it for free,
than having to remove this blight on our landscape.
The fly-tipping in Fengate has often been on private land – it is the responsibility and cost to the owner of the land –

Some more positive news – Earlier this month -Eleven litter louts who ignored on-the-spot fines for dropping rubbish on Fenland’s streets have been taken to court.

Fenland District Council took the culprits to Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, January 3, when initial £75 fixed penalty notices were increased to a £220 fine. The fine dodgers were also ordered to pay the council’s prosecution costs of £150 and a victim surcharge of £30 – bringing the total bill to £400.
The fine imposed and victim surcharge will go directly to the court.
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Whether the culprits ever pay up or not we rarely hear about – next several letters going to an address where they’ve done a runner – those still there eventually get a visit from the Bailiffs – you can guess what might be recoverable….

Finally on this piece of old news – maybe not everyone saw the BBC article – where Wisbech Band D properties are paying £600 more than Kensington and Chelsea…
Whittlesey very similar – want a laugh – read the excuses and I’ve heard more directly from one or two of our own Councillors!!!
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