Welcome 2018 – I am Back….. !

My apologies – did anyone miss my ‘jottings’ – I doubt it!
Well I’ve had ‘Bronchial Pneumonia’ – diagnosed through a private consultation at £140+ as I felt guilty going to my own doctors with what I thought was a cold/flu – I am beginning to feel guilty now when-ever I feel rough.
So after a month of feeling very poorly indeed I am ‘nearly’ back to some sort of normality.

So lets leave last year with 200+ postings to keep the electorate/public informed of factual events and happenings in and around our area.

Today we must of course start with the ‘Fact’ that NO notice was given that the North Bank Road was closed until you/I got to the Dog-In-The-Doublet – our Council Website has NO notification and of course Cambs Highways has said nothing.
We live in the in the Twentieth Century and still lacking ‘any’ technology to inform the motorist.
Of course we had ‘Gates’ installed for a very short time before they were ‘vandalised’ and have as yet not been re-instated.
Is no one ashamed over this issue – if not they should be.

I’ve been informed that ‘some’ low live has had a go at the plate glass window of the ex -‘Ostlers’ shop – this happened a while ago.
There has been a break-in in Braemar Gardens (Off Ramsey Road)

Since the North Bank Road may or may not be open to traffic the A605 backed up all the way to the Fire Station at Stanground Round-about for nearly 2 hours this evening…

I did ‘just’ manage our 1949 Classic Car Tour of Havana/Cuba – with a few stops

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