Master-Plan – Maybe – Coming!¬

So some weeks ago, the Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority – Mr James Palmer
sent out to a number of people including some Whittlesey Councillors:-

We have just carried out our first Market Town Masterplan at St Neots. The plan was carried out in full consultation with St Neots Town Council and will lead to funding from the CA of nearly £6m.
Our aim is to carry out Masterplans on all our Market Towns and Whittlesey is clearly part of that scheme.

Now I perfectly understand not getting our ‘hopes’ up too high at this time – but I’m sure that if St Neots can get funding for nearly £6m – there must be something left in the pot for Whittlesey.
I am waiting in anticipation and maybe even getting excited about ‘us’ getting some money.

I have been aware of this for sometime but was holding off to see whether anything came up at the Town Council meeting or maybe in one of our ‘Free’ magazines – which by the way has also gone extremely ‘quiet’ from any of our representatives – alas nothing coming in the public domain.
Lets wait and see….


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