Report on WTC Meeting Wednesday 09th November – Part I

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

The agenda for this meeting is posted below on 04th November.
1. 11 members on the public attending, several in support of speaker Mr Julian Halford.

2. 13 councillors in attendance – apologies from Cllrs Jolly and Butcher, + Cllr Garratt.

3. A very long meeting well over 2½ hours and still going when I left.

4. Speaker Mr Julian Halford from the Pondersbridge area, gave a presentation on Community Road Watch/Speedwatch in their area.

More on this later.

4. There was (3) speakers at the public forum, I spoke on three subjects.
a) Thanking ALL the staff the Norwich & Peterborough Building Society for the many years of service that they have provided for the community – The N&P BS closes its doors tomorrow (Friday 10th). Supporting many community groups over the years.
b) I spoke about item on the agenda -CCTV and questioned whether ‘we’ are getting value for money, effectiveness, is it time to consider calling it a day. I asked for a ‘robust’ debate when the subject came up (That never happened?) I quoted instances of Hit & Run in the centre of town, (Camera pointing the wrong direction), a number of instances when the system was ‘fogged up’ and even when ‘issues are identified, whether the Police have the resources to attend.
c) That I attended the AGM of the Rural Cambridgeshire Citizens Advice Bureau and that there were no other representatives from Whittlesey – I hoped that WTC will continue to support the CAB in the future.

Mr Peter Baxter (See earlier posts) gave a very good presentation asking questions and giving factual information about ‘vehicle’ pollution, the traffic issues of the A605 and the implications of further growth and traffic. I have had many meetings with Peter on this subject and at long last he now has the support of several WTC councillors. FDC are responsible for the monitoring of air quality in/around Whittlesey and there are 4 such places, Peter questions the accuracy and results from these monitoring points.
He has been researching and has had many meetings with various people over the past 3 years – has been somewhat ‘fobbed off’ by FDC and others in his campaign.
Now at long last he has the momentum to get some more definitive answers with the ‘help’ – hopefully’ from WTC.

The final speaker was Mr Phil Quinn who runs both the Boat Inn & Quinns Bar. Phil made a short presentation of the issues of Church Street/Ramsey Road – again the topic being vehicles, speed and access. He is considering having a survey carried out on the state of the Bower Bridge.
Highlighting issues at the ‘Traffic Calming’ point (Letter ‘B’/St Andrews Church).
40+ ton trucks for ever having to negotiate this ‘dangerous’ blind corner.
I can support Phil on all his arguments about Church Street – having lived further along for over 40 years – believe me I know the issues.

5. The report on WTC finances gave the impression that all was looking good and that there were sufficient funds in reserve. It was noted that WTC will start paying the 20 year mortgage it has taken out on its recent purchase of the ‘Old Police Station’

6. Other items discussed.
a) Kings Dyke crossing, no great further news, other than there had been ‘Men’ in Yellow reflective jackets’ see around the site. Potential good news was that Peterborough City Council now plan to carry out work at the A605 Pondersbridge turning at the same time the Bridge work is done – just one lot of disruption.
b) Must Farm – on-going meetings.
c) Neighbourhood Plan – good feedback from the Public Workshops which took place.
d) Police Station purchase – architects had been asked to do costing and this will be brought back to the Council at the next meeting.
e) CCTV a shortish debate took place on the 2018-2021 Service Level Agreement – most councillors seemed in favour of keeping the system, stating that since we did not have a Police Station any more, there was a need for CCTV. Further next month.
f) Community Rail Partnership – I have reported all the latest in previous posts…
g) Manor Play equipment, The Lions had raise funds and had obtained a grant to buy equipment for the Play area – focusing on younger childrens equipment.

Some no so good news…. The ‘repairs’ to Ramsey Road (somewhat dangerous in places is an understatement) will now NOT be carried out in January (Not a good time) as previously planned and is now scheduled for March 2018

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