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Well I’ll start with some very positive news about Whittlesey Railway Station, at long last – there maybe some ‘small’ but significant improvement on the horizon – having bumped into Cllr Simon King yesterday, he informs me that ‘Funding’ for small improvements at Whittlesey and Chatteris Railway Stations has been obtained.
In Whittlesey’s case the main priority is to install better lighting, there is of cause ‘always’ a sting – The money allocated has to be ‘spent’ in this financial year – Network Rail need to approve the works and this is where the problem lays – notoriously slow in any decision making.
Plus – no one wants the work to be carried out – only to find NR comes along and digs the lot up for some reason – watch this space.

On attending yesterdays AGM of Rural Cambs Citizens Advice in Buckden, there were NO councillors from Whittlesey represented, and only Wisbech Councillor Simon King representing Fenland attending.
There was however about 5 Councillors from St Neots who made representations.
Citizens Advice is a very important facility for everyone to access, you never know when you may need their help, assistance or advice. Here in Whittlesey the CAB attend ‘most’ Fridays at The Library – you need to make an appointment as there are limited ‘slots’
I’ll not dwell too long on all the facilities available but point in the direction of the ‘new’
Rural Cambs CAB Website which has everything you need to find out and a pathway to advice…..

The Road Victims Trust is a charity dedicated to supporting people who have been affected by the grief and trauma of a death or life changing injury resulting from a road traffic collision.  Jason Ablewhite, the Police and Crime Commissioner, supports the charity to provide services in Cambridgeshire.  These services are available to family, friends and colleagues of the person who has been killed or injured as well as those that have witnessed the collision.  You can find out more about the organisation on their webpage –

Special Service of Remembrance

On Sunday 19th November 2017, the Road Victims Trust is holding a service of remembrance to celebrate the lives of people lost on the roads of Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.  This service is held as part of the World Day of Remembrance for Road Victims at Great St Mary’s Church, Senate Hill, Cambridge from 11.15am.

The service will be led by the Rt Revd Stephen Conway, the Bishop of Ely and emergency services personnel will be in attendance with the Police and Crime Commissioner.  The Road Victims Trust would like to extend the invitation to the public.  For further information or to confirm attendance, please contact the Road Victims Trust directly – [email protected]


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