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The very unfortunate death at Whittlesey railway station made the national press, a great pity for this to have happened.
Unfortunately I was unable to attend the WTC council meeting on Wednesday so no report.
My campaign regarding a deposit scheme for cans, bottles, plastics etc is gathering momentum without any help from our MP Steven Barclay who is someone very quiet on the issue. Many other MP’s from differing parties have taken a very positive stance on the implementation of such a scheme.
Unfortunately some of the more ‘dimmer’ MP’s do not understand technology along with their ‘dim’ civil servants. They believe you can only recycle cans in an automated system – wrong – wrong  and wrong again – here is a photo which I took recently in a ‘Walmart’ (American Superstore who owns Asda) the Machine took glass bottles, plastic bottles and aluminium cans – and gave out tokens to exchange at the counter – and items sorted themselves within the machine.

Is this just too difficult for our ‘advanced’ country to come to terms with – the Germans and Scandinavians have similar systems.

Another major environmental issue is that of disposal of coffee cup

In the UK, we throw away an estimated 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups every year. In theory, they are “recyclable”, but in practice, only a tiny percentage is dealt with sustainably.
Yet so far, there’s no agreed way forward.

Parliament’s environmental audit committee has been hearing the latest thoughts from campaigners and industry on how we can improve on our record in this area.
The Government has been gathering ‘information for years now and are still unable to make any firm commitment on these issues

Read more on this BBC News/Business

Then there are the ‘promises’

  • Theresa May’s election manifesto promised to ‘do more to reduce litter’ 
  • The current maximum fine stands at £80 but town halls have demanded a rise
  • A large majority of councils now want the power to levy fines of £150 for littering 

    Litter louts face on-the-spot fines of £150 under plans being drawn up by ministers.
    Town halls have been asking for the penalty to increase sharply from £80 and to rise to £300 for those who pay late.

    They would be able to use the proceeds as they wish – raising fears that councils will use litter patrols as a cash cow.
    Councils have had the power to hand out spot fines for littering, and other offences including dog fouling and fly-posting, for more than 25 years.

    Theresa May’s election manifesto promised to ‘do more to reduce litter’, and a review of the level of fines has been launched.

    Officials at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs believe existing fines raise only ‘relatively small’ amounts.
    Originally litter fines were set at a flat rate of £10, and for the past 11 years the maximum fine has been £80, which can be reduced to £50 for those who pay promptly.

    I and many of my friends will be very happy if any of these promises and initiatives come to being in the future (or near future) I dare say the country has more important issues to contend with – maybe the word multi-tasking is something new to Ministers.


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