Very Poor Turn Out For Future of Cambs Library Workshop

Just 4 of us went along to Eastrea Village Centre yesterday for an engagement with Cambs Library Services to hear and talk about the future of Library Services within Cambs.
Besides myself and Isabella Boon representing Friends of Whittlesey Library, there was Parson Drove Parish Councillor – John Hunt and one Eastrea resident Sue Ross.
No Whittlesey or Coates/Village Councillors in attendance.
Head of Services Sue Wills gave us a brief on what is happening at present and wanted Public input as too how Libraries could develop in the future.
I had many questions in respect of the previous consultation which cut hours from our own Library (Yesterday was not a consultation just a workshop) – Another question was Does Whittlesey Library need to stay open longer – ie outside of core hours – so that members of the public who work days 9-5 say would have better access to the Library.
I suggested several ways of possibly funding an out of hours service – but first we need to find out if there is a need for such a service.
Our meeting lasted an hour and a half and we had plenty of input and suggestions
Just a pity that only 3 local people bothered o turn up for a meeting.
It was well advertised on this website, social media and at the library itself – I appreciate some people are at work during the day….

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