Another Fantastic Week – Whittlesey….

Firstly congratulations to Natasha at ‘The Fens Magazine’ who won 2 awards at this weeks
FENLAND ENTERPRISE  BUSINESS AWARDS 2017 – one for the magazine itself and one for her personally. Local business ‘Kellysion’ – who won Retailer of the year.

This should make ‘Whittlesey’ proud, that these two businesses have achieved this fantastic accolade.

Another excellent event at NQS -Flu-Clinic by the Patients Participation Group (PPG)

I managed to sign up 18 new interested  patients in joining the group. Our ladies had a fantastic cake stall – which sold out.

The Neighbourhood Watch Meeting last night went well, and we covered many of the current on- going issues, I informed the group that there has been some small success, in the respect of the ‘Youth(s)’ who carried out 14 acts of vandalism in/around Feldale & Victory Avenue some weeks ago, has admitted to the magistrates his offences and is awaiting sentencing later this month. This latest incident has caused residents a great concern and the Police are aware of this.

This is an actual picture of one of the vehicles ‘attacked’ by ‘AB’

Our crime statistics unfortunately are a bit skewed as 80% of our reported crime was carried out by just 3 individuals – all of whom have now been charged.

Yesterday also saw certificates and presentations at The Library for the Reading competition. MP Steven Barclays was in attendance and Deputy Mayor Cllr Mrs Windle.

CCTV  – fixed well maybe, some considerable time in ‘fault-finding an issue with the CCTV – maybe they should have asked me! – anyway hopefully the job is done and the camera now works – we pay enough for it through our rates!.
Every year when FDC ask for ‘its’ contribution towards the CCTV – ends in a somewhat serious debate (as it should) about value for rate-payers monies.
I hope that  come next year that serious debate is given to this.

Finally for this week-end update – The Hero of Aliwal on-going renovations are progressing – slowly – I see that ‘glass’ has now arrived and local plasters have arrived –

The New Vets building is taking shape and it is all looking good.

Another local business investing in our local town – thank you.

Yet another busy – very exciting week – with lots happening – I am taking a rest for a while – See you soon…..


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