Report on WTC Planning Meeting – Wednesday 18th Sept

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

The presentation from Mr William Boardman from GCE was postponed due to him having personal commitments, not sure ‘what’ the change of ‘use’ of land next to AB Texel on Eastrea Road is about and will have to wait until the next meeting.
Ref F/YR14/0706 there was some discussion on supporting this application (St Mary’s Church Hall development) as it is very much keeping with the present and adjoining properties, however there has been some disagreement in Section S106 monies which help pay and offset costs say to education or transport, when this application came to FDC they refused it.
Of the other applications : The loss of the Cash Machine (ATM) from NatWest  was of concern, however there is not a lot that can be done about it, and there are at least 5 other Cash Machine (ATM’s) in town.

Date of next meeting : 04th October 2017

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