No – Is the Answer – I DO NOT do Rumours…..

I would sincerely hope by now after many years doing this web site/Blog, that those who view it know I Do NOT do rumours.
Last week-end I was informed on 3 occasions that the land intended for the ‘Sainsbury’s Supermarket’ was now in the planning stages of becoming houses.
(No planning application has been seen as yet).

The 3 informants are regular drinkers at various public houses in town, and I can categorically say they are at present – very miss-informed.
Having contacted the person who has the planning permission, he told me – that he is still planning to deliver the Whittlesey scheme.
That’s how it stands today 15th September 2017

The ‘sign’ says – Country Park Coming Soon – it does not specify ‘How soon’ is/was.

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