WTC Meeting 13th July Part 2

Please see attached documents…


Environmental Reports, Fly-Tipping, Open Spaces, Street Pride.

Tidy Fenland saw FDC partners ‘Kingdom’ spend a whole 2 days in Whittlesey in a month, spending the majority of their time in Wisbech, which as we are all aware has much bigger ‘issues’ than us in Whittlesey, still some WTC Councillors are asking if ‘Kingdom’ can not spend a bit more time in our town and perhaps dare I say The Villages !!!

CCTV report – reading the incidents makes ‘sad reading’ suspects in Whittlesey Manor Field, suspected drugs – No Police available to investigate – Ask our Police & Crime Commissioner !!!
‘We’ are paying in the region of £9,000 a year for the above….

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