Whittlesey Railway Station Update #1

Whittlesey  11 –  0  Wisbech

At last nights Community Rail Partnership Meeting, out of the 15 people attending, 11 from Whittlesey (Including 3 Councillors) and (2 Ex Whittlesey Signalmen).
No Councillors from Wisbech, March, Chatteris or Manea, and MP Barclay wants to spend £100+ Million on the Wisbech to March Rail – Link – Hey Mr Barclay are you not getting the message (again) – No one from Wisbech bothered has to turn up as is usual.
(Other than Cllr King – the Chairman)

Back to the meeting, I am sorry to report that ‘very little’ progress is being made in respect of Whittlesey Station or the number of trains that might call in, the earliest any increase that may come about is 2020 !!!! (In your dreams)

Our 3 Whittlesey Councillors (Cllr’s Mrs K. Mayor, Wicks and Curtis) put a number of questions to The Chair Cllr Simon King and Alan Neville from Greater Anglia, Mr Neville has made some statements (NOT Commitments) in the past, and is extremely versed in NOT answering the actual question!
So he admitted that Whittlesey Station is in a very poor state, it took some considerable time and effort to even get a ‘dangerous/insecure’ electrical cabinet door replaced – arguments on ‘who’ owned or was responsible was the on-going issue.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the meeting, but NOTHING is going to happen in the short term.
When Mr Neville stated that ‘Ticket Machines’ were going to be installed at all stations –
I asked  – When – to which he replied he didn’t know!!!! – and that just about sums up the meeting (nearly 3 hours).

So thanks to the other Whittlesey residents who showed up  –  just now on the news, Greater Anglia Train Drivers have announced a planned strike…..can it get any worse….
So here are some slides and photos…

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