A Quiet Week….a Small bit of News K.D. Bridge..!

After a very peaceful and good weather break in Suffolk (Off the grid) –

Besides visiting some very good National Trust properties, the serenity around ‘Snape Maltings’ was so, so good – although no time to take in a concert.
Came back and found that actually ‘some’ readers had actually missed my missives – surely not withdrawal symptoms!!!
Besides having 6 continuous days of sunshine and no rain, kicked off yesterday with a visit to the St Andrews Fete – Nice crowd with an hour or two for families + a bar from ‘The Falcon….

Well, one bit of news I picked up from a pretty reliable source, when asked the latest on the ‘Kings Dyke Crossing’ – not really a hold up as such!!!! – but there is apparently a short fall in funding the project, with Network Rail putting in a derisory amount for their ‘share’ –
Lets face it – Network Rail, couldn’t be bothered one way or another about a bridge.
So where is the short-fall money to come from – well Cambs CC who are overseeing the project – could borrow the money, then again the funding could come from another budget within the Council (someone else goes short) – How much the shortfall is I don’t know, but my suspicions are that there could well be a further few weeks delay, whilst this is sorted out. The Bridge is on its way I have no doubts – remember the ‘bemoaners’ on the now defunked ‘Whittlesey StreetLife’ for-ever posting negativity about this subject – where are they now – I know…!

Still lots of events coming up in the next few weeks, and for those who get our ‘Two’ excellent free monthly magazines – all events are well advertised .

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