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Fiona Onasanya to use wages to combat Peterborough fly-tipping.

An MP has said she will use her own wage to combat fly-tipping in the area.

Fiona Onasanya will use more than £800 of her wages to take away bulky items that get dumped. The council currently charges for collection of bulky items and electrical goods.

The Labour MP for Peterborough said the council need to take “more responsibility”.

The council said there was no evidence to suggest that free collections reduce fly-tipping.

Just think of all the money I and my friends have saved FDC over the last 10 years collecting tons & tons & tons of Litter & Rubbish.
In fact the Charity Commission advises community groups to work out – their worth to society and councils when carrying out their annual accounts….

News that Peterborough City Council have issued the latest PSPO for various offences in and around the city, including defecating in public area’s.
Well it wasn’t so long ago that FDC put up some signage at Kings Delph Lay-bye where most nights up to 8 trucks are parked up.
When the dirty object was spotted we were supposed to use a highlighted water paint on it to warn others.
Where have the signs gone?
Where has the water based paint gone.
I can tell you that the dirty objects are still there – and may I suggest even that Fenland bring in these ‘new’ PSPO’s that Kings Delph Lay-bye and put on their priority list – I doubt very much it will happen – prove me wrong – I will be more than happy.

Tesco to stop selling Plastic Bags…!!!!
View the complete story Huffington Post or The Guardian or Tesco Bags of Help

Environment campaigners have applauded Tesco’s decision to scrap 5p carrier bags in favour of 10p ‘Bags for Life’.

The supermarket giant announced this morning that it will stop selling single-use plastic bags from August 28, replacing them with long-lasting 10p alternatives which are made from 94% recycled plastic.

According to Tesco, the move follows a 10 week trial which led to a 25% drop in plastic bag sales, with ‘Bags for Life’ replaced fro free when they begin to wear out.

Online customers will still be able to opt for single-use carrier bags, but the retailer said that 57% of this group already opt for a bagless delivery.

The supermarket chain said sales of the more expensive bag would be used to fund community projects across Britain.

Greenpeace UK welcomed the decision, saying it was “great to see major retailers moving away from disposable plastic”.
“For too long we’ve seen plastic as something to be used once and thrown away,”

This is a good start and I hope other major retailers follow this example.


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