Update on Kings Dyke Crossing

The Cambs CC meeting where hopefully a decision to announce the ‘preferred bidder’ will be announced is to be held at Shire Hall Cambridge on Thursday 10:00
It would ‘appear’ that the Landowner who has held out selling the land has now reached agreement on a price – which is somewhat ‘more’ than CCC had been expected to pay.
I suppose anyone in his position would have done the same.

That said – at least delays in getting a CPO (compulsory purchase order) may have backfired on the Council, and maybe have cost even more.
So with estimated costs now at £16.9 million – I wonder if this figure will increase and ‘who’ will fund if it happens.
We all want a ‘Bridge’ to be delivered – most anyway as there was a few people who were not bothered about a Bridge.
So as the next step approaches, ad we all await the result of Thursdays meeting, I still have reservations on ‘when’ a Bridge may be completed – as there are still details which need to be sorted.
My estimate is not 2018 but maybe 2019 – what this space.

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