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My condolences to the family of Mark Colin, who died on Tuesday when a stolen vehicle was in collision with him in the early hours.

Good to see in the press that two Whittlesey Councillors meeting with the mayor of Cambs & Peterboro’ James Palmer this week at Whittlesey Railway Station – at least there is still some pressure and argument for a better Station and more frequent service in/out of Whittlesey – remember there is a public meeting coming in September 11tth
The more people that come to these meetings the better as it shows of concerns ‘we’ all have about the Station and its services.
Of course the ‘Challenge’ is – how long is a piece of string….
This has been ongoing for months, years and a decade or more. Maybe Mr. Palmer can work us a miracle – I for one will be very impressed indeed if his lobbying brings about the improvements we are looking to have…
Oh No – Not Again !!!!! – As I have suggested some weeks ago, one of the ‘other’ toilets was reported to me to be playing up…. well after some 3 weeks – would you believe me! – the said toilet in question is now ‘CLOSED’
I wonder is I should start the ‘stop watch’ to see if this takes 4½ months to sort out as the last one did.

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