Rain, Rain & More Rain…And Off the Grid!!!

Having been to Scotland dozens of times – it always rains irrespective of the time of year and this year no different, although we have had yes 3 days of sun out of 8.
My parents came to ‘Tummel Bridge’ near Pitlochry Perthshire in 1959 by car and caravan, we came back many times during my childhood. My father liked going up the local mountains, and this one ‘Schiehallion’, he and I did twice along with another mountain called ‘Benlawers’
Connie & I have visited the famous ‘Queens View’ on many occasions and on a half decent day the view is very nice indeed.
This year as before we stayed in the ‘Macdonald Rannoch’ on a road that’s a dead end with a beautiful Railway Station – ‘Rannoch’ – this year we did take the train (only a few stop) to Fort William & Mallaig – I have to say the 20 minutes crossing the Rannoch Moor is one of the best views of isolation I have seen and place it in my top 10 places ever seen. Nothing to spoil the views….

Nice seafood chowder in Mallaig – nice prices too.

So we do hope to return in maybe 2 years time, we’ve tried every month except winter – maybe is doesn’t rain then.
Nice to have been ‘off’ the grid for a number of days, little or no internet access, a dribble of mobile phone signal here and there and back to 4 channels on the TV – not that I saw much of that either. In Pitlochry is my favourite ‘shop’ – Robertsons – a place dear to my heart – Full of Whisky – I got to know the brothers Robertsons many years ago – alas they have departed to the Whiskey Distillery in heaven.

Rannoch Moor.

Lets see what the Lake District has to offer!

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