My 10 Year Anniversary – Picking Up Rubbish

In July 2007 my wife Connie signed me up for ‘Street Pride’ – I am very honoured and proud to have been one of early members still to belong to the group.
I have no involvement with the managing of the group anymore but was the Chairman for nearly 7 years and achieved some fantastic Gateway projects, publicity, and had a big effect on the environment in and around Whittlesey, as they still do so today.
I have kept my records since first arriving at the group and estimate to have removed in the region of 4 Tonnes of Litter & Rubbish. It will never go away, but can you imagine what our area would look like without like-minded volunteers.

I, like several others go out way beyond the organised events.

In this photo, l-r Robert Kent, Martin Green, Roy G… and Sandra Green.

Martin and Sandra are the only ‘original’ members who joined SP 10+ years ago, Rob K and myself joined a couple of months later – so congratulations to them also.




Time for the website to have a short holiday –

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