Spam & Toileting Issues…..

Some ‘Spam’ is just so obvious, but someone here in Whittlesey did click on the attachment with the below and caught a very nasty virus.

1/ Not expecting anything from the originator – guitar-academy from Russia!
2/ Not addressed to a named customer
3/ Double coma – I am sure UPS know their grammar

From – [email protected]

Dear Customer,
We can not deliver your parcel arrived at July 09.
Postal label is enclosed to this e-mail. Please check the attachment!
Yours faithfully, ,
UPS Support Manager.

After reporting yet again, that I had been shown an e-mail via Cllr Ralph Butcher that the defunct – out of order – out of action (4½ months) Toilet was to be fixed at long last – well you guessed it and I won’t take bets… It is still closed.
But wait (Sunday @ 13:00) I am reliably informed that (1) one of the other usable toilets is playing up big time with some sort of ‘Electrical malfunction’ it works sometimes and not at others. I could make some further comment but believe its a waste of my and your time.
By the way one of the ‘excuses’ I was told that the toilet had not been repaired was:
They (FDC) had received no complaints about it, so it now looks like if the slightest thing goes wrong we (The public/ratepayer) have to initiate a ‘complaint’ first before anything might be done….What a stupid idea if I ever heard one.
Still if that’s what they want YOU know what to do 01354 654321 is the general nwumber
Still we shall see what next week brings.

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