Trending & Just a ‘Small Record’

We shall start with the ‘small’ but significant record – my article on the WTC meeting attracted near 2,000 hits over a 24 hour period, the site regularly has over a thousand but never reached this dizzy height before.
My thanks today to LD where we had a very productive 1½ hours of issues she is not being able to either resolve or engage with her councillors!
The lack of visible policing in Whittlesey at times leaves the place like ‘Cowboy Country’ – example again today Friday where numerous vehicles were reported flaunting the Pedestrian Area. So far even producing photographic evidence doesn’t appear to provoke much needed action – that said our PCSO’s have said that they have ‘Ticketed’ vehicles – but they didn’t catch the vehicle transporter parked outside Barclays in the Disabled Bay for some quite considerable time (longer than going in the bank – Honest Guv)
How about something positive for a change – memories are short politics and social media – many forgetting what they wrote….well lets give FDC’s contractors a bit of a pat on the back for a change – this year most areas are looking much better than they have in previous years, I can say on our own estate, they have at least tried much better and spent more time than previously – Thanks and my it continue.
Earlier this evening saw ‘Hundreds’ on the Market Square – Flash Limo’s and all dressed in their finery – An Americanism – Its ‘Prom Time’ which has occurred over the last few years.
I noticed the ‘Ice-Cream Man’ ….well after SR’s complaint to the council on Wednesday about the volume of music at the event on the Market Place – he was lucky to hear the music – as The bloody Noisy/Clattering/Polluting Ice Cream Man at the last event I couldn’t hear the music – so moved off – what a Racket – Get ride of him somewhere else please.
This Sunday of course The Music on the Square continues.

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