WTC Full Council Meeting – Wednesday 12th July

I would as I normally do, post up the Agenda for this Wednesdays meeting, however as has happened before NO AGENDA on the WTC website, is this now the ‘norm’ I may ask – or just another ‘technical’ issue.
There are strict rules on governance of advertising Council meetings, and although not required as such to put on their website, I was to understand that the much ‘lauded’ WTC website would have ALL information about Council business posted on it.
Reliability and responsibility is one of the key factors on running ‘websites’ and if this does not happen – people turn away for using it….
This website regularly gets well over 1,000 hits/views per day – perhaps because of its Reliability and responsibility….
Come on WTC – get the act together please – get a grip of the situation and take responsibility!!!!

I understand the ‘usual’ items are to be discussed, Policing updates and Kings Dyke crossing update etc  …. If and when the agenda becomes available to the general public – naturally I’ll post it up.
I am planning to attend the meeting.

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