Spam e-mail from Amazon – Dead Give-Away!

NHW member KC forward this obvious spam e-mail from what is thought to have been Amazon…

From: Amazon [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 06 July 2017 15:25
To: Removed by webmaster
Subject: Customer Service: Important account information 88749766

Dear Customer (Real websites will normally address you by your name)

Starting this month Amazon online is no longer keeping personal data on his server more than six months. For this the account must be validated and payment methods verified every six months. Every account that is not verified in this period will be suspended in 48 hours from this email was sent. For avoiding problems with transactions or buying products from our site , please follow button to confirm your account.
The procedure for disabling the account according to the Terms and Conditions of Usage, will take place in 24 hours after this email was sent. The verification procedure invoked requires a very short time for the customer. The generated button above is active for 24 hours only. If during this period the customer does not make the validation of his online account the account will be disabled.
It will then say Verify Now

D0 Not Click on this link – Naturally I have removed the actual link….If you hover your mouse over the actual link (Do Not Click)
You will see the ‘properties of the link’ It would not resemble a ‘Real’ Amazon Address.
What does a disabled account mean: The user will not be able to purchase products from Amazon or from partner stores that post a product on Amazon. All deliveries will be cancelled for the user. The user will not be able to sell or advertise his products on Amazon site. Once the account is disabled the user will not be able to create or use another account in his name.
Thank you for your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience that this may create.
Amazon Customer Service Team.
The graphics are very good but there are give-aways.  Always be careful.

I use ‘links’ here on this website, I create them myself – and always check to make sure they take you to the correct web address.

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