My Moan on My Media

Of course it wouldn’t  be weekend without me updating on the situation regarding the
‘Closed Toilet’.
We had 2 months or so with (3) toilets ‘Out of Use’ due to vandalism, this left just the Disabled Toilet ‘In Use’ – 2 months to fix, then we have had (1) Toilet that’s been Out of Use for the best part of nearly 4 months.
When asking questions of my Councillors, I get varying excuses, some valid but most not.
‘They’ our Councillors – appear – NOT to be embarrassed in the least that this relatively minor issue is taking so long to sort out.
I will continue to make issue of this ’embarrassing’ situation for as long as it takes.
I do plan to raise this ‘Issue’ again at this weeks coming WTC Council meeting…maybe it will have ‘Fixed’ itself by then –  if NOT – What is the latest event of excuses I wonder.
NOT embarrassed – Well I am!

Pictures taken yesterday (07th July 2017)


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