Wednesdays Updates…

Police & Crime Commissioners July News-Letter with interesting reading Click Here

WTC Planning meeting tonight (05th) I spoke briefly informing the other members of the public and the Planning Committee the outcome of the Horsey Toll Farm AD application – see yesterdays post.

The main controversial application was for 60 dwellings South East of 208 Coates Road Coates. There was a short presentation by the applicant and then the application was considered by the Planning Committee.
They recommended – Refusal – on the grounds that Coates has already met its obligation in the respect of the number of future housing requirements and this development would far exceed the requirement for the village, school placements and highway access were also of concern.
The other previously contentious application for a small development on North Green Coates, was recommended for approval.

Hot Days & Nights see Low Life opportunists….Here a recent photo of a Mercedes with the windows left open…Help Yourself!

Finally there is a ‘lot’ of Anti-Social trending on Whittlesey Facebook (I do not subscribe), concerning the exotic animal event being held at Whittlesey Library.
The miss-information is out of control and people are becoming very nasty as it often happens.
The event was NOT organised by Friends of Whittlesey Library.
The event was NOT organised by Whittlesey Town Council.
It was supposed to be a childrens event for ALL to enjoy.

I as a member of Whittlesey Business Forum are here to promote everything that can enhance businesses within our area.
So sorry for such a ‘minor’ issue to have caused such a negative and nasty response – shame on some that hide behind fake names and fake news….

Want to do something ‘REAL’ for a change then why not join us – we need ‘REAL’ people.

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