Trending This Week….Update

Well, it wouldn’t be Sunday if I repeated for the past 12 weeks that The now for-ever ‘Closed Toilet’ is still……wait for it!!!! …. still closed – well blow me down am I surprised.
I am beginning to think this is a bit of a challenge between myself FDC & WTC councillors, to see who gives in first….Well if ‘they’ are thinking that way…they’ve picked the wrong man. I will continue to HIGHLIGHT this now travesty for as long as it takes.
It is an embarrassment to our council (Who are not actually responsible for the toilets) but would seem to be inept into getting this issue sorted for once, and the FDC councillors who tell me they are on the case – 12+ weeks on the case….Now I was told in good faith that The Toilet had been fixed – although something went wrong shortly afterwards!!!!
So let Me apologise for having to bore you with this for never ending saga…I am sorry to bore you (R.G.)

How about a bit of what is known as ‘Inconsiderate Parking’ thanks to my correspondent who sent me these pictures of said Range Rover at West End, who parks not for minutes but for several hours – frequently ….The police have been informed….Park with more consideration….Chelsea Tractor Person….


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