Whittlesey Business Forum Meeting Last Night (21st)

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The Meeting began with a minutes silence in respect of those who have suffered in recent incidents.

This was another very well attended meeting considering how hot it was.
Excellent Guest Speaker Louise Russell – Young Peoples Counselling Service gave an enlightening insight of ‘Help’ required by ‘Children’ as young as 11 – Here in Whittlesey.
Cllr Miscandlon informed the group that the purchase/signing/rubber stamping of the purchase of The Old Police Station – To Whittlesey Town Council should go ahead today
(22nd June).

Later on the agenda, was the resignation of Cllr David Mason, who has done a sterling job in his role. However he is a busy man like many, but one reason for his departure was given ‘That the Forum’ had lost slight and focus on the business promotion of the group.
There has been some diversions from the core reasoning behind the group.
Chairman Stephen Hodson asked for a volunteer to replace David Mason for next months meeting, he also suggested a ‘Brain Storming session’ at next months meeting to address the issues raised.
The Trade Fair being planned by the forum is currently on track (Sunday 8th October)
See the forms below for outline & booking.

Whittlesey Business and Community Fayre (Booking Form)

Whittlesey Business and Community Fayre

There are currently 54 paid up members of The Whittlesey Business Forum
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday July 19th 6:30pm The Falcon Hotel.

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