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Music – On – The – Square
This years event kicked off at around 14:15 this afternoon, it was extremely hot I measured 31:5c on the Market Place, there was around 150 people set up at that time – and the event started with a Minute Silence in respect of the tragedy at Glenfell Tower.
It got too hot for me and I left at 15:00, later on our way out to the Mama Tree we passed the Market Place and the number of people had swelled somewhat.
Hopefully no one needed the St John’s who were in attendance. Good to see the Cycle Racks being well used…

On my way back Litter Picking I went as usual into the Manor Field.
Sensible parents kept their children out of the scorching sun – This is an empty play park, on a Sunday afternoon – totally empty.

The for-ever now somewhat embarrassing saga of The Closed Toilet continues.
Yes the sign still informs it closed.
However I am informed that a Whittlesey Councillor recently asked FDC how much revenue had been received since ‘Charging’ came into effect, the figure is somewhere near £250:00 – yes that is £250:00 – so if it is costing ‘Thousands’ in repairs, questions need to be asked – is this a good business case for ‘us’ the Rate payer.
Why not make the Toilets FREE throughout Fenland and mitigate vandals attempting to rob a few 20 pence.

The same questions are regularly asked at Council meetings in respect of the £11,000 a year Whittlesey Council contributes towards CCTV coverage. Reading FDC’s CCTV reports to the Council again one now begins to thinks is this ‘good’ value for money.
On several occasions when CCTV was needed – the camera was pointing the wrong way or the light was poor or it was foggy!

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