On-going Saga of the ‘Toilet’ !!!

I am beginning to think! – someone is ‘pulling a fast one’ – why – well at Wednesdays Town Council meeting I was shown a copy of an e-mail written by the head of environmental services at FDC informing the Councillor that The Toilet which has been out of operation for over 12 weeks had been fixed – I reported this with great happiness on Thursday morning…..
Lo and behold – on my checking it out today Friday at around 15:00 – what did I find – as Victor Meldrew would say – I don’t belieeve it – … The Toilet still had a sign ‘Closed’


What ‘we’ do have this week is some rubbish welding of sorts – a security bar with lock’ covering the key slot – I can a put money on that it won’t take a ‘brain surgeon to work out how to break in – misfits with a little time on their hands and bit of YouTube will soon work out how to by-pass the security – still my hopes have been dashed – the Councillor who was also happy that The Toilet had been fixed – has been either misinformed or someone at FDC has given out something not quite correct…..
We wait and see what next week brings – of course there is the WTC sponsored Music Festival – Good for Wetherspoons to have such good facilities.
Watch this space

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